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_____Design Handbook (Revised 2006)*
          Members:  *$55.00 each
          Non-Members:  *$85.00
_____Operations & Maintenance Guidelines (Revised 2011):  CD (pdf format)
          Members:  *$30.00
          Non-Members:  *$55.00

_____Construction Techniques for Recreational Boating Access Facilities (Revised 2009):  DVD
          Members:  *$55.00 each  
          Non-Members:  *$85.00 each

_____Pump-Out Boat Selection and Operation Guidelines: PDF format
          Members:  Free
          Non-Members:  *$25.00 each

*Shipping and handling within the United States is included in the above costs.  Please contact SOBA’s office for shipping and handling costs outside the U.S.

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