2019 Annual Boating Access Conference

2019 Conference Proceedings
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Day 1 – Monday, September 9, 2019
Regulation and Legislative Updates – Lisa Van Alstyne
Useful Life / Monitoring Discussion - Lorne Reid
Boating Grant Program Update – Brad Gun
Should the BIG Rule be modified - Janine Belleque
TRACS Update – Lorene Reid, Mary Price, Ramon Martin
TRACS Doc #2
NEPA Compliance Efficiencies – Lisa Val Alstyne, Ruth Utzurrum
Navigating the ESA Section 7 Process, Mt. Pleasant Case Study – Ramon Martin, Scott Meister
Boating Grant Issues and Recommended BMPS - Scott Meister, Ramon Martin, Bill Perry, Tony Hewitt, Mary Prices, Larry Riley
Day 2 – Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Affiliate Reports:
SOBA Update
Clean Vessel Act
Training Boating Facility Staff on CVA Best Practices – Jenny East, Aaron Barnett
Building an Effective CVA Program – Ben Solomon
Heated Lines, creative solutions to New England winters – Cecil French
Wastewater Characterization from Type III Marine Sanitation Devices – Bill Coleman
Are Boat Pump-outs Compatible with Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems – Marcia Degen
Engineering: Climate Change and Resiliency
Resilience in Age of Climate Change – Bruce Lunde
Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Public Health Policy Challenges – David Fridley
Sea Level Rise Risk and Response in Coastal Virginia – Michelle Covi
BIG – What do transient Boaters Seek?
AIWA Experience – Gordon and Sue Robertson
ICW Photos – Ed Tillett
Historic Yorktown Riverwalk Landing – Darren Williams
Boating Access
Catching the “Unicorn”: Changing Boaters’ Behaviors to Reduce the Spread of AIS – Ed Rudberg
The Next Dimension in Clean, Drain, Dry – Using 3D Models to Educate – Alanna Keating
Quagga and Zebra Mussel Management Efforts in the West – Nathan Owens
Float Fishing Access Points in DOT Right of Way – Daniel Cabe
Virginia’s Boating Access Site and Facility Management Plan – John Kirk
Day 3 – Wednesday, September 11, 2019
ADA at BIG and Public Access Sites
Achieving Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act – Jeff Bishop
Now What? An Answer to Dock Transfer for Disabled Boaters – Mike Payton
Engineers Handbook incorporating ADA requirements at boating access sites – Fred Bedell
Overview of ADA Access in Michigan – Grey Weykamp
Clean Vessel Act
Exciting Pollution Prevention Updates from Sunny California – Adrien Baudrimont, Kimberly Riley, Liz Juvera
What to Specify, Require and What Not to Do when Installing Pump-out Unites – Andrew Bleier
Solar-Electric Pump-Out Boat Technology – Mike Pascucilla, Kate Brown, Lisa Van Alstyne
Extreme challenges establishing Remote Floating Comfort Stations on Inland Lakes – Tom Jones
Engineering – Wakeboard Boats
The Evolving Boating Ecosystem – Tony Kelleher
Water Sports Industry Update - Kevin Michael
Power Loading – Combating Boat Ramp Scour – Todd Mize
State CVA and BIG Projects
Hampton Roads Sanitation District Commission – Amanda Albright
Transient Operations Marina Perspective – Bill Young, Christopher Ferguson
The Flood they said could Never Happen – John Burkhalter
Boating Access – Creative Solutions
Operating a SFR funded Boating Access Program in Georgia – Jeff Bishop
Reconciling a Variety of Environmental Aspects in Puerto Rico – Mayra Garcia Perez
Upcoming Boating and Fishing Access Facilities – Luis Velez Martinez
Stormwater Best Management Practices for Boat Access Areas – Sara Sherman, Steven Bailey
Major Renovation of a Small Impoundment in Oklahoma – Kurt Kuklinski
BIG Projects – Issues and Challenges
Balancing Historic Preservation with Coastal Resiliency and Boating Access – Mark Pirrello
Special Considerations in Marina Designs – Pete Peterson
Navigating Challenges on BIG Projects – Kirby Marshall
Marina Planning and Design – Tom Langley
SOBA Project Awards

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