Committees and Task Forces

Awards Chair: Trey Cooksey (TX)
This group will promote and coordinate the SOBA Awards Program, including the Congressional Award, Access Awards, Program Awards, Project Awards and individual awards.
Dues Structure and Conference Fees: Board
This group will review SOBA's current fee structures and make appropriate recommendations for adjustments.
SOBA - Sportfish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund Reauthorization: Board and Libby Yranski (SOBA-HQ)
This group is responsible to the SOBA Executive Board and is assigned the task of monitoring and participating on behalf of SOBA in the course of the 2015 Sportfish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund Reauthorization. The Trust Fund has been reauthorized until 2020.
Policies and Procedures Manual: Board and Libby Yranski (SOBA-HQ)

Website: Board and Libby Yranski (SOBA-HQ)

BIG BMP Taskforce: Chaired by Lorene Reid (GA)

Design Handbook Guidelines:  Trey Cooksey (TX)

Membership Outreach:  Preston Smith (VA)

Board Nominations:  Janine Belleque (OR)


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