Job Mart


Welcome to SOBA’s Job Mart. This section allows member companies and state agencies to post their job openings.

Please forward a full description of your job vacancy to for review and approval. Your posting will be accessible to the general public usually within 48 hours. If you have any questions, please call 312-946-6283.

Your job vacancy will be featured for three months after the posting date, and then automatically removed. If you wish to have your listing extended, please send your request to the email address provided above.

This service is for job postings only and the review process is private – at no time will the member company or state agency be informed of who has reviewed their job vacancies.

Member companies and/or state agencies who wish to pursue a potential job applicant should contact them directly using the information provided in their resume. Job applicants should liaise directly with the member posting company and/or state agency for further information.

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