William H. Ivers Award
This award is SOBA's most prestigious individual award named to honor the memory of its namesake who helped found the organization.

2018 Recipient: Larry Killien, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources

2017 Recipient: Steve Miller, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources (posthumous)

2016 Recipient: James Adams, Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries

2015 Recipient: Stephen A. Kesler, Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries

2014 Recipient : Terry Boyd, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

2013 Recipient:  Wayne Shuyler, Oregon
2012 Recipient: Lacy Nichols, Delaware

2011 Recipient: Steve Lewis, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

2010 Recipient: Mike Hough, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife (retired)

2009 Recipient: Erasto Nieves, Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources

2008 Recipient: Dan P. Thompson, State of Alabama, nominated by Terry Boyd, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

2007 Recipient: Tom Donek, State of Alaska, nominated by Allen Havens, Alaska Fish and Wildlife

2006 Recipient: Robert Williams (deceased) c/o Ken Elowe, nominated by George Powell, Maine Department of Conservation

2018 Recipient: Congressman Garret Graves, LA

2017 Recipient: Senator Tim Scott, SC

2016 Recipient: Senator John Thune, SD and Congresswoman Lois Frankel, FL

2015 Recipient: Congressman Rob Wittman, VA

2014 Recipient: Congressman Bill Shuster, PA and Congressman Nick Rahall II, W.VA

2013 Recipient: Congressman Frank LoBiondo, NJ

2012 Recipient: Senator James Inhofe, OK

2011 Recipient: Congresswoman Candice Miller (MI)

2010 Recipient: Representative Pingree (ME ) and Senator Bill Nelson (FL)

2009 Recipient: Congressman Steve LaTourette (Ohio)

2008 Recipient: Senator Herbert Kohl (WI )

2007 Recipient: Rep. James Oberstar

2006 Recipient: Senator Martinez from Florida

President's Award

2018 Recipient: Yadkin-Pee Dee River Basin Improvements, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and Duke Energy

2017 Recipient: Parguera Boat Ramp, Puerto Rico Dept. of Natural and Environmental Resources

Professional Service Award

2018 Recipient: Not awarded

2017 Recipient: Al Wolselgel, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

2016 Recipient: Patricia Harrell, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

2015 Recipient: SOBA Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force

2014 Recipient: Not awarded

2013 Recipient: Julie McQuade, Ohio
2012 Recipient: Alberto Ortiz, US Fish & Wildlife Service

2011 Recipient: The 2011 Boating Access Operations and Maintenance Manual Committee
The original O & M Manual was in book form and was getting out of date. This committee started work in 2009 to upgrade and add new sections. The committee chose to make this an electronic manual to make it easy to update in future years and to keep production costs down. The committee met briefly at both of the last two national SOBA conferences but conducted the balance of their work individually and by conference phone calls.Committee members are: Chairman, James Adams (VA), Ron Christofferson (AZ), Tim Gilley (FL), Tom Holman (MO), Dennis Kincer (WV), John Kirk (VA), Editor, Molly Kirk (VA), Kristen Kuykendall (WA), Wood Proc, Rachel McMillan (VA), Phil Miller (OH), Lacy Nichols (DE), and John Skains (MS). This was an extremely cost-effective effort completed at no cost to SOBA.

2010 Recipient: 2009 Construction DVD Committee for their work on the completed DVD: Construction Techniques for Recreational Boating Access Facilities. This committee started their 3 year project in 2007, and the 8 member team donated large periods of time to this effort. Team members included: Terry Boyd (AL), Chairman, Gary Iles (IL), Vice Chairman, James Adams (VA), Kevin Atkinson CA), Tim Bazley (CA), Dave Kieffer (OH), Ted Leverman (IN), and Lacy Nichols (DE). The final product was presented by the committee during SOBA's 2009 annual conference in Corpus Christi, Texas.

2009 Recipient: Vaughn Douglass, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

2008 Recipient: Gary Iles, Illinois Department of Natural Resources,

2007 Recipient: Tom Parker, Idaho Department of Fish and Game
2006 Recipient: Handbook Rewrite Task Force, nominated by Terry Boyd
Task Force consisted of the following people: Terry Boyd, AL, John McPherson (MO), Jill Murphey (ID), Tim Bazely, Bluewater Design Group (CA), Bobby Edwards (WY), Mike Hough (KY), Kent Skaar (MN) - for their dedication, effort and timely completion of the Second Edition SOBA Design Handbook.

Outstanding Service Award

2018 Recipient: Jim Richardson, Lower Colorado River Authority

2017 Recipient: Fred Bedell, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
2016 Recipient: John Sprague, Marine Industries Association of Florida

2015 Recipient: Craig Walker, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

2014 Recipient: Steven Miller, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

2013 Recipient: Doug Hobbs, US Fish and Wildlife Service

2012 Recipient: Jon Fleischman, CMI GatorDock

2011 Recipient: Ryck Lydecker, BoatUS

2010 Recipient: Kim Elverum, Boat and Water Safety Coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

2009 Recipient: Ted Leverman, Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife

2008 Recipient: Brian Bohnsack, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, nominated by Ed Poolos, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

2007 Recipient: Mike Ammon for his 33 years of service to the boating community in which during that time he was the initiator for what is now known as the California Boating Trails Program.

State Boating Access Program Excellence Award

2016 Recipient: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Boating Access Program

2015 Recipient: Arizona Game and Fish Department Boating Access Program

2014 Recipient: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for the development of their "Grants to Localities for Public Boating Access Facilities Program"

2013 Recipient: Georgia Department of Natural Resources
2012 Recipient: The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Engineering Services Division

2011 Recipient: The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft

2010 Recipient: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

2009 Recipient: Maine Department of Conservation, Boating Facilities Division

2008 Recipient: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, nominated the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

2007 Recipient: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (Tennessee River Boating Trail),

2006 Recipient: Oregon State Marine Board, BIG Program

Outstanding Projects

2018 Recipients:

Historic Bristol Borough, Waterfront Transient Docks
City of Avalon, Boating Infrastructure Grant Projects
Wisconsin DNR & SEH Engineers, Okauchee Boat Access
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Shell Rock Landing
PND Engineers and the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), Statter Harbor Launch Ramp Facility

2017 Recipients:

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Vandemere Boating Access Area
PND Engineers and the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), Statter Harbor Launch Ramp Facility
PND Engineers and the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), Statter Harbor Launch Ramp Facility

Outstanding Projects - Large Access

2016 Recipient: Minnesota and Otter Tail County, Pelican Lake West

2015 Recipient: Appalachian Power Company and the Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries: Oak Grove Boating Access Facility, Virginia

2014 Recipient: Worchester County Department of Public Works: West Ocean City Harbor, Maryland

2013 Recipient: M. James Gleason Boating Facility/Metro Parks and Environmental Services, Oregon

2012 Recipient: Crystal Lake, Michigan

2011 Recipient: The Georgia Troup County Roads and Engineering Dept. for their Pyne Road Park Mega Boat Ramp

2010 Recipient: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft

2009 Recipient: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

2008 Recipient: Charlestown Landing (IN), nominated by Ted Leverman, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

2007 Recipient: Port of Coose Bay, OR, nominated by Oregon Marine State Board

2006 Recipient: Grays Bay Public Boat Access, nominated by Kent Skaar, MN DNR

Outstanding Project Medium Size Access

2016 Recipient: City of West Point, Virginia, West Point Landing

2015 Recipient: Talbot County, Dept. of Parks and Recreation: Oak Creek Landing, Maryland

2014 Recipient: City of Keizer, Keizer Rapids Boating Facility, Oregon

2013 Recipient: Pena Blanca Lake Boating Access Renovation: Arizona Game and Fish Department

2012 Recipient: Two Harbors, Minnesota

2011 Recipient: The Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection, Boating Division & Engineering Unit for the Gardner Lake State Boat Launch, a new two lane ramp in Southeastern Connecticut

2010 Recipient: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Lawnes Creek Boating Access Facility, Surry County, Virginia.

2009 Recipient: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Gloucester Point Boat Landing located beneath the George P. Coleman Memorial Bridge (US Hwy 17) on the north side of the York River in Gloucester County, VA.

2008 Recipient: Blackwater Landing (VA), Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

2007 Recipient: Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources/Marine Resources Division, Boggy Point Boating Access Facility

2006 Recipient: California State University Aquatic Center, Lake Natoma project.

Outstanding Project - Small Access

2016 Recipient:  City of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Boyce Drive Boat Landing

2015 Recipient: City of Covington, Covington Boating Access Facility, Virginia

2014 Recipient: Town of Three Lakes: Townline Lake Boat Landing and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin

2013 Recipient: Harold & Sid Nichols Park Boating Facility Development, City of Winston, Oregon
2012 Recipient: Red Hills Lake, Illinois

2011 Recipient: Indian Mary Park Ramp, Josephine County Parks, Oregon.

2010 Recipient: Eight Point Lake Boating Access Development Project, Clare County, Michigan.

2009 Recipient: World Shooting & Recreational Complex, Illinois Department of Natural Resources

2008 Recipient: Negro Bar Launching Facility CA), nominated by the California Department of Boating and Waterways A $302,000 project on the American River in the City of Folsom.

2007 Recipient: Bureau of Land Management and California Department of Boating and Waterways, Granite Launch and River Access on the Lower Kern River

2006 Recipient: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Easter Cartaret County project.

Outstanding Project- Marinas and Harbors

2016 Recipient: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Caesar Creek Marina

2015 Recipient: NONE AWARDED

2014 Recipient: Whitehouse Cove Marina, Virginia

2013 Recipient: Keegan Clair Docks – City of Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
2012 Recipient: Port Aransas, Texas

2011 Recipient: The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Divisions of Watercraft and of Parks and Recreation for the Middle Bass Island State Park Marina

2010 Recipient: Straits State Harbor, Mackinaw, Michigan

2009 Recipient: Pier 39 Marina, West Basin, California
For the Renovation of Pier 39 in West Basin, California, located on the northeast shore of the San Francisco waterfront and is an important feature of the Fisherman's Warf tourist area.

2008 Recipient: Glass City Marina (OH), nominated by the Ohio Division of Watercraft

2007 Recipient: Adams County Parks and Recreation Community, Petenwell Park Harbor and Refuge.

2006 Recipient: Chippewa Marina, Indian Lake State Park, Marina Restoration project.

Boating Infrastructure Grant Program Excellence Award

2017 Recipient: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

State Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Program Excellence Award

2018 Recipient: Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources, Coastal Division

2017 Recipient: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

2016 Recipient: Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Boating Services Unit

2015 Recipient: California Dept. of Parks and Recreation Division of Boating and Waterways

2014 Recipient: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

2013 Recipient: Mississippi Department of Marine Resources

2012 Recipient: Arkansas Department of Health Marina Sanitation

2011 Recipient: The State of New York, Environmental Facilities Corporation, Clean Vessel Act Program

2010 Recipient: New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

2009 Recipient: No nominations were received this year for the this award.

2008 Recipient: Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection,

2007 Recipient: Virginia Department of Health, nominated by Ed Poolos, TN Wildlife Resources Agency

2006 Recipient: South Carolina Clean Vessel Act Program

Special Recognition Award

2018 Recipient: American Boat and Yacht Council, Aquatic Invasive Species Technical Committee

2016 Recipient: Bernice McArdle, SOBA

2015 Recipient: Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation

2014 Recipient: Lisa Van Alstyne, US Fish and Wildlife Service

2013 Recipient: Joyce Johnson, US Fish and Wildlife Service:

2012 Recipient: Thom Dammrich, NMMA President

2011 Recipient: The Federal Lakes Recreation Committee for Detroit Lake -- Dave White, Chairman. The group is located in Detroit, Oregon.
Detroit Lake is located in the Cascade Mountains. It is a 400’ deep lake created in 1953 by the Army Corps of Engineers. While the lake is managed by the US Forest Service, individual recreation sites are operated by Oregon State Parks, the City of Detroit and private marina operators. It is typically at full pool from May to September but can drop 119’ to low pool at other times of the year. During these periods of low pool, the existing ramps would not allow boaters access to the lake. This was causing hardship to the boaters as well as the local merchants who benefit from the boaters using the lake for recreation. The committee members, local users, residents, and business owners were all volunteers. Their common goal was to construct a low-water extension of the existing state park boat ramp. In 2007, the Oregon State Marine Board approved a grant in the amount of $720,000. Due to high water the first winter, construction took two years. Because of this committee's foresight, diversity, encouragement, and diligence, this low-water ramp became a reality.

2010 Recipient: Lacy E. Nichols, Jr., Construction Project Manager, Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife
Nichols has been a member of SOBA since 1991 and has been involved in numerous committees and task forces. He was instrumental in developing SOBA's renowned Operational and Maintenance Program Guides for Recreational Boating Facilities and also the Boating Access Construction Best Management Practices instructional DVD.

2009 Recipient: Jointly presented to The Lower Colorado River Authority, The City of Austin, and Texas A&M University
For their work on Lakes Austin, Lyndon B. Johnson and Travis which examined boating use levels, and user conflicts and perceptions among boaters that will help local officials better manage boating access, recreation, enjoyment and safety on these very heavily used lakes.

2008 Recipient: Jointly presented to BOATU.S. and NMMA Government Relations, both nominated by Ed Poolos, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and 2008 SOBA President
For helping to ensure the passage of the Clean Boating Act of 2008, which prevented the implementation of a national permitting program for recreational boaters

2007 Recipient: Andre' Boudreau, Block Island Pumpout Program, and The Committee for the Great Salt Pond for outstanding environmental outreach programs and boating community environmental protection efforts.


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