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Each SOBA member shall receive or have access to the following products and services that have been specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the membership and assist them in their efforts to expand boating access:

National Voice:  SOBA will continue to advocate for public boating access needs by actively attending and participating in key meetings and events, as specified below:

  • Participation of the Executive Board in events and organizations that share SOBA’s mission of expanding boating access
  • Maintain existing and develop additional partnerships, and continue representation within boating access organizations: RBFF; AFWA; and, National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA)
  • Participate in key events around the country to demonstrate the critical need for public boating access and the valuable role that SOBA plays in supporting increased public access.  E.G.
    • NASBLA Boating Safety Conference
    • American Boating Congress (ABC) produced by NMMA
    • Others that the Executive Board has determined will support SOBA’s mission

Website/Membership Network:  Provide up-to-date information and connect the membership through an active and vibrant list serv.  This enables the membership to share valuable information that can ultimately save significant time and money on projects.

Technical Research:  SOBA will continue to pursue technical research grants that support the current needs of its membership.  Currently this includes the updating and re-writing of the Design Handbook for Recreational Boating and Fishing Facilities.  SOBA members have access to the technical research at a discounted rate.

Technical Products:  Each member will receive, on a complimentary or discounted basis, products and reports that have been created to meet specific needs of SOBA members.

  • Construction Techniques for Recreational Boating Access Facilities DVD (Revised Edition 2010)
  • Operations and Maintenance Program Guidelines for Recreational Boating Facilities
  • Performance Testing of Marine-Use Waste Pump-Out Stations
  • Online Inventory of Boat Ramp Inventories
  • Media Kit

National Conference:  Each year SOBA hosts a National Boating Access Conference for its members and industry partners.  This is the premier event for those working to design, build, and maintain public boat access and related support facilities.  The content of this conference is developed to provide the most current information on the issues that directly affect the members through dynamic speakers and exhibitors providing state-of-the-art products.  SOBA members receive a discounted registration rate.  This event is hosted by a different state each year.

Awards:  Annual Awards are presented to those members whose outstanding work is worthy of national recognition.  These awards are presented at the closing banquet at the National Conference.

Newsletter:  Members receive a periodic newsletter that addresses the current issues affecting boating access, as well as information on SOBA’s ongoing activities.

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